French former doctor at the Bayonne hospital Nicolas Bonnemaison (C), flanked by his wife Julie (L, partially hidden) and his lawyers Benoit Ducos-Ader (second ground,L) and Arnaud Dupin (R), leaves the courthouse of Pau, southwestern France, after been acquitted by the criminal court on June 25, 2014, at the end of his trial for allegedly poisoning seven terminally ill patients in 2010 and 2011 at the Bayonne hospital. The European Court of Human Rights has told France on June 25, 2014 not to remove life support from a man in a vegetative state for the past six years, blocking a landmark French court ruling. France’s highest administrative court earlier Tuesday gave the green light to end the life of Vincent Lambert, who has been a quadriplegic with severe brain damage since a road accident in 2008, in a decision that went against his parents’ wishes.

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